Preparing for Athletics day

After morning tea my classmates and I met  coach Bart on the filed. He  taught us how to sprint and it was a hot day as well. We started to  get ourselves  warmed up and we all got excited. At first we ran on our heels and then toes.

Then  we were  playing a game and it was called ‘sheepdog’.  We used some noodles to round up the sheep and it was so much fun.  Later  it was time for us to do our sprints and we had to run as fast as we could from one side to the other side.

After that we had some foam animals that we had to put on the ground in front of us. We had to try to jump past them.

Finally  at around  twelve o’clock  we got so so hot  and tired  we went back to class. We had learned  something new about  athletics skills and we all  had a lot of fun today.


5 thoughts on “Preparing for Athletics day

  1. Kia ora, I’m Nicole from St Patrick’s School. I liked the way you organised your writing and how you made paragraphs. I also enjoyed reading your writing because you put a lot of descriptive words in your sentences.

  2. Kia Ora im Pio from st Patricks school liked the way you had a photo of you jumping to your pig i hope you had fun I loved this because i really love sheepdog you taught me how to sprint.

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