Goliath Birdeater

This spider is a very  good hider. It is the Goliath bird eater which is a type of  tarantula.

 The Goliath bird eater is a hidden spider that eat’s  mouse and mice. When there is a predator trying to catch the Goliath bird eater  warns the predator by lifting up  their fangs but when the annoying  predator  is not backing off  the Goliath bird eater  rubs the back of the legs   so the spikes of the hair can flick on the eye that will make the predator ‘s eye burn  and hurt  even stay red as fire .Female Goliath bird eater can live up to 3-6 yrs  old but the male Goliath bird eater  dies to 3-6 yrs  old.





Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake  was  Aotearoa’s first ever sailor to sail around the world he would visit and see new beautiful faces from different cultures  Sir Peter Blake was enjoying the life but bad news came he was attacked by nasty mean pirates who were really jealous so what they did was  they shot Sir Peter Blake  and was in real bad pain then a few weeks came by and Sir Peter Blake had his funeral   and that’s when his enjoyable life ended. Rest in peace  for  Sir Peter Blake .

My First Time Yachting

My Teacher Mr Bell said that we are going to be going sailing. I was very scared and had a feeling that I will never know how to sail but Mr Bell said ” do not be scared because remember that time when you were scared to come to my class and how you over come your fear? Try to over come your fear of going sailing.

I thought to myself yeah I should come over my fear and when we made it to our sailing club with the yr 5 ‘s in Rm 6 , I was enjoying my heart out and I hope we can do sailing AGAIN.

The Stone Cottage Journey

Yesterday was  a splendid sunny day for my class and for my  teachers  to go and visit an old and special  cottage near my school. Our time was 10 am and I was very excited to go and visit the stone cottage.

We walked our way down the path to our gate and there were so many cars passing by while we waited to cross. Soon we got our turn  to go. At first we walked around the cottage while we waited for our turn to go inside because there was another class there and they were Rm 2 students.

After that it was our turn to go inside. The names of the people  who showed us around  were Terry and Patrick. Terry told us that Patrick was one of the historians of Panmure which means that he knows a lot  about the history of Panmure. Firstly Terry and Patrick showed us how in the olden days they used roses and lavender to make wonderful  perfume. They had a container to dry up the petals.

 We went inside our first room and we met a lovely woman who used to work at my school for years.  Her name was Josephine  and she comes from Ireland. Terry said that in the olden days the ladies used to make tea or bring beer to men whenever they were thirsty. The next room was very interesting for me  because it had so many different things and clothing inside. She said that women  used a type of machine to sew the material because they had to make their own clothes .

I  was very interested in so many things that Terry and Patrick told us and I wish we could visit the cottage again, in case I have missed something. The one thing that caught my attention was the perfume because I never knew how they would make such lovely perfume without any machine. 

My Experiencing of Cycling

In  the morning we had some visitors to our class. Their names were Kate and  Kyla  and they came from Auckland Transport. The company is called Bigfoot Adventures. At the beginning of our session we had to  line up against the silver fence and they gave us some bikes .

Some of the bikes belonged to our school and some of the bikes belong to Bigfoot Adventure company. Soon Kate and Kyla  split us into groups and I went with Kate  because I was so nervous. We walked our bikes to the canopy .

At  first I got my balance by sitting  on the seat and pushing myself along with my feet. Then I got better and I could  use the pedals. We were having so much fun that Kate and my teacher were shocked because I rode so long and fast like a machine. It was the best experience for me.


Matariki stars

This month we celebrate Matariki on July 14th in mid winter. Matariki is a public holiday for school’s and workers around the country. Matariki is  always at this time of the year and means the eyes of god. It is also Maori New Year  and my teacher showed us how to make Matariki stars. We used wool, cardboard that’s  cut into circles. First we cut out the cardboard  and drew short lines for twelve spokes around like a clock. Then we cut the twelve spokes and after that  we went around with wool around the circles (like you can see in my photo).  Then we went around with a different color of wool to outline the first wool. We went over and over around it to make it really beautiful and cool.

Another thing we learned to do last week was play knuckle bones. We found 5 small stones and learned how the Maori children used to play with these long ago. It was fun and we could make up our own games after that.