Matariki stars

This month we celebrate Matariki on July 14th in mid winter. Matariki is a public holiday for school’s and workers around the country. Matariki is  always at this time of the year and means the eyes of god. It is also Maori New Year  and my teacher showed us how to make Matariki stars. We used wool, cardboard that’s  cut into circles. First we cut out the cardboard  and drew short lines for twelve spokes around like a clock. Then we cut the twelve spokes and after that  we went around with wool around the circles (like you can see in my photo).  Then we went around with a different color of wool to outline the first wool. We went over and over around it to make it really beautiful and cool.

Another thing we learned to do last week was play knuckle bones. We found 5 small stones and learned how the Maori children used to play with these long ago. It was fun and we could make up our own games after that.

2 thoughts on “Matariki stars

  1. Dear Anna maria
    When I read your blog it was very lovely because you had a lot of descriptions in it
    It reminded me of the time I made a Matariki star and it turned out not that bad.
    I can not wait until your next blog and have a great day today.
    Your friend:Marii

  2. Talofa lava Annamaria
    I remember when I made the matariki stars with cardboard and wool,and yes matariki means the eyes of the god. I also love playing knucklebones and my dad played knucklebones when he was young.
    Bye Annamaria stay well.

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