St Patrick’s 175th Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday our school and parish started to celebrate our 175 jubilee. This means it is 175 years long since we started. Also we had some more celebrations on Saturday,  and Sunday. On Friday after we had been to Mass and dug up the time capsule from when the church turned 150 years old, we had morning tea.

Then the principal said come and sit under the canopy so we can play some games. They split us into groups. At the start of the groups, my team was going to vs my brother’s team but he wasn’t here so we just vs his teammates. I had so much excitement in myself that I looked like I was  a clown out of nowhere.

After everything was finished the teachers started to hand out ice lollies. I was boiling like I was in a desert. They were very nice to eat then.

On Sunday my mum and siblings came to church with me. When we got there I thought all the seats were taken, but when we got inside I went and sat next to my little brother  before Angelina arrived“

We had a long mass but there was lots of lovely singing and it went fast. After that we all went to the hall and did things like singing, dancing and other stuff. It was fun and great to see my friends.


Talofa My name is Annamaria

Kia ora! My name is Annamaria, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favourite subject is Math,art,reading,history. and I enjoy learning about Dinosaurs,body part,sharks..  I am good at cricket,kind to people ,art,cleaning,sharing..  My goal for this year is to making more friends to others.. In my spare time I like to read books ,watch on my laptop,pracitce time tables.

Preparing for Athletics day

After morning tea my classmates and I met  coach Bart on the filed. He  taught us how to sprint and it was a hot day as well. We started to  get ourselves  warmed up and we all got excited. At first we ran on our heels and then toes.

Then  we were  playing a game and it was called ‘sheepdog’.  We used some noodles to round up the sheep and it was so much fun.  Later  it was time for us to do our sprints and we had to run as fast as we could from one side to the other side.

After that we had some foam animals that we had to put on the ground in front of us. We had to try to jump past them.

Finally  at around  twelve o’clock  we got so so hot  and tired  we went back to class. We had learned  something new about  athletics skills and we all  had a lot of fun today.


Making our class movie

At the beginning of the term we started to make our movie.  I was so excited to make my own potato  person. It was lumpy and  round. First I used toothpicks to make hands and feet and then I began to use some fabric to make a dress for her to wear. I also used some pink wool to make some hair and it was a bit hard but Miss Agnew  helped me.  I had so much fun making my potato person and being with my classmates using all the exciting art things.

Ms Toland shared the different people who make a movie. They are the director, the scene manager. the camera man and the editor. In class I liked being the camera man because I could take the photos of the potatoes moving slowly across the table.

When we mad our movie with Ms Toland in the library, we had to make backgrounds first. I was in the ‘party’ scene and we had to make the castle look like fun for the princess’ birthday. It looked really cool. I made a voice over of Princess Lizzy’s friend.

I am looking forward to going to seeing the movie next term. I think we will be a bit embarrassed even though we tried our best.

Swimming Lessons

In the last two weeks of term we were having swimming lessons. We had to take our goggles, swimming cap, togs, jumper and mask.

We took the bus and everybody had fun going on the bus. I was very happy when we were in the pools. We were in different groups and our instructor was very kind and helpful to us. I had to learn backstroke and floating on our back and front. We got to jump in the pool and do freestyle. We were having so much fun all together. In the end we had a race. After the lesson we got and dried ourselves. We waited until the bus came and then we went back to school. I was a little sleepy at the end of all our swimming.

Animations Blog- scary midnight movie.

We have been making animations on our chromebooks in Gogle slides.I really enjoyed this because I loved making this animation move along with my friends.  My favourite part was when I was creating my characters. My story is about a scary midnight movie and mum and dad  said we could go to the movies and watch it.  We took some popcorn and drinks and even food.