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Ki o rahi

Last Thursday we had a visitor who came to our class to teach us a game called

 Ki o rahi. Her name was coach Chelsea and she showed us a video first called the legend of Rahi and Tiara.

Then she said  we were going to play tagging games under the canopy because it was raining. She said we had to be in two teams and one was called Kioma and the other one was called Taniwha. I was in the Taniwha team. We went running all around the canopy but we had so much fun.

I hope we can learn our new game on Thursday and it doesn’t rain .

About me


Hello everyone. My name is Annamaria and I am 8 years old. I am in Year 4 at St Patrick’s School. I also have 3 siblings. I live in Panmure  with my family and I was born in New Zealand.  I am Samoan.

I am good at drawing, especially people. I enjoy playing games with my friends. I find Maths difficult sometimes. My goals for this year are to understand what I am reading and to be able to work in a group.

My nana inspires me because she shows me so much love when I go to her house. She makes me special biscuits to eat. This year I want to go to school everyday to learn and to see my friends. I want Covid to go away.

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